07 December 2007

EAR FARM: The Near Future

A brief note to the EAR FARM faithful...

Beginning next week EAR FARM is going to undergo some very minor changes to the formatting of our posts, to the sidebar on the right, and to the rotating banners up top. In a nutshell, it'll make things better and you'll barely even notice. Except the new banners, you'll notice them. Look for some new hotness in EAR FARM's banner rotation beginning on Monday. If you're an artist who would like your design considered for inclusion in EAR FARM's banner rotation please get in touch.

As well, we're going to start featuring daily news and links to posts on other music blogs/sites in a revised version of EF's well-known OPP feature. In our world OPP stands for Other Peoples' Posts, and to this end you'll now be able to get a daily fix of relevant and fun links handpicked for you by EAR FARM.

More importantly, next week is going to be... YEAR END LIST WEEK here on EAR FARM. Stay tuned all week for the following LISTS:

    Monday - EAR FARM's Top Concerts of 2007
    Tuesday - EAR FARM's Top Bands To Emerge in 2007
    Wednesday - EAR FARM's Top Songs Of 2007
    Thursday - EAR FARM's Top 8+s of 2007
    Friday - EAR FARM's Top Albums of 2007