03 December 2007

EAR FARM's December 3rd Mix: Today's Musical Birthdays

Today is my birthday, so I thought we might take a brief look and listen to some of the musicians (past and present) with whom I share a December 3rd birthday.

Antonio Soler (December 3, 1729) - "was a Spanish composer whose works span the late Baroque and early Classical music eras. He is best known for his keyboard sonatas, an important contribution to the harpsichord, fortepiano and organ repertoire."

"Concert en Fa Major, Núm IV: I. Afectuoso - Andante Non Largo" performed by Montserrat Torrent & Maria Lluïsa Cortada
Anton Webern (December 3, 1883) - "an Austrian composer and conductor. One of the best-known proponents of the twelve-tone technique; in addition, his innovations regarding schematic organization of pitch, rhythm and dynamics were formative in the musical technique later known as total serialism."
"5 Movements for String Quartet, Op. 5: I. Heftig Bewegt" performed by the Berliner Philharmoniker
Nino Rota (December 3, 1911) - "was an Italian composer best known for his work on film scores, notably The Godfather series and the films of Federico Fellini. Rota also composed ten operas, five ballets and many instrumental works."
"The Godfather - Waltz" by Nino Rota
Phyllis Curtin (December 3, 1921) - "an American soprano who made her operatic debut as The Countess in Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro" with the New England Opera Theater in 1946. She became a star of the New York City Opera, from 1953 and made her Metropolitan Opera debut in 1961."
"We Wish You a Merry Christmas" by Phyllis Curtin
Ferlin Husky (December 3, 1925) - "an American singer who has become well-known as a country-pop chart-topper under various names, including Terry Preston and Simon Crum. In the 1950s and 60s, Husky had several hits, including "Gone" and "Wings of a Dove", both number ones on the country charts."
"Gone" by Ferlin Husky
Andy Williams (December 3, 1927) - "an American pop singer who has recorded 18 Gold and 3 Platinum certified albums. He has performed with Ray Charles, Elton John, Ella Fitzgerald, Simon and Garfunkel, Mama Cass and Michael Jackson. When Ronald Reagan was President, he declared Andy's voice to be "a national treasure". He has had his own TV show as well as starring in a number of films."
"Music To Watch Girls By" by Andy Williams
Ozzy Osbourne (December 3, 1948) - "was the lead vocalist of the pioneering heavy metal band Black Sabbath and the star of the reality show, The Osbournes. In addition to lead vocals with Black Sabbath, Osbourne also plays the harmonica and synthesizer."
"Sweet Leaf" by Black Sabbath
Joe Lally (December 3, 1963) - " is a bass guitar player, primarily known for his work with Fugazi. He has also contributed occasional lyrics and vocals to Fugazi songs. He has worked with John Frusciante and Josh Klinghoffer on the album Automatic Writing as the group Ataxia."
"Styrofoam" by Fugazi
Bill Steer (December 3, 1969) - "is an English guitar player. He was a guitarist for Napalm Death from 1987-1989. He played guitars in Carcass from 1985-1995. He played guitar with Michael Amott, who he inspired to form his own bands including his current band Arch Enemy."
"Scum" by Napalm Death
Trina (December 3, 1978) - "an American rapper with records charting as high as #11 on Billboard’s 100 Top 20 and all the way to No. 2 on the Rap Charts."
"Don't Trip" by Trina (featuring Lil Wayne)


Bryan said...

happy birthday mister earfarm!

mary said...

happy birthday indeed! excellent post too, what a fascinating lineup of people born on your birthday.

d said...

happy birthday!!!!

nghia said...

happy birthday bruv!

m said...

happy b-day!

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