06 January 2007

Man Man @ Bowery Ballroom - 5 January 2007

Just about a year ago I saw Man Man play a show at Cake Shop. Last night they sold out Bowery Ballroom.

They've reworked some of their songs off of their first two albums and played a few new songs before closing the night with a Rage Against The Machine cover.

As usual, Man Man was on top of their game and played another totally rad show. At this point I don't think this band is capable of having an off night. (this format of having a picture coupled with a few sentences is a bit children's book, don't you think?)

I was able to record two songs with my still camera. Check out the quicktimes and extracted MP3s below. Anybody know the name of the song they go into in the first quicktime, after "Hot Bat"?

"Hot Bat" -> "Top Drawer"
"Bulls On Parade"

"Hot Bat" -> "Top Drawer"
"Bulls On Parade"

See more pictures from this show HERE.

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