04 April 2007

Goes Cube Tour Day Twenty-nine

The facts:

    - woke up in motel, got gas and coffee, hit the road
    - David and I watched A Mighty Wind in the van
    - we laughed lots
    - made it to Columbus with plenty of time to spare
    - took a capitol picture
    - ate sandwiches
    - arrived at le maison du Necropolis around 4pm
    - hung out, went for a walk, bought toy airplane, got a drink, played pinball, played with toy airplane, called Auburn information number to inquire about Ohio's state house's lack of a dome
    - played with toy airplane
    - watched Jeopardy
    - drank Sparks
    - attempted to hit squirrel with toy airplane
    - walked over to the venue
    - had super easy load-in since the venue is mere feet from the house
    - Goes Cube played first, kicked ass
    - David premiered the new guitar he bought in Kansas City, kicked its ass
    - Necropolis played next and was a very energetic and impressive live band
    - next band not so great, watched them anyway
    - went for a walk to find more sandwiches
    - got home, watched some of Airplane II, went to sleep
Goes Cube tour 2007 next show:
4 April - Garfield Artworks
4931 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Listening to right now:
Johnny Mandel - "Suicide Is Painless"

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