19 April 2007


"In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion" by Agalloch which clocks in at 14:43

This is an actual conversation. This just happened. Not the picture you see here (that happened a few weeks ago and is, in fact, an actual photo I took after removing Rising Sun's headrest) but the IM conversation that's posted below. I suppose this is the week where you learn that I'm not above creating posts out of actual IM conversations. So be it - things tend to change around here with the ebb and flow of my work schedule.

AIM conversation with David from Goes Cube. Today, 3:08pm.

Kenny and I are going to go drink a bloody mary.

That sounds amazing.

Yes it is, because bloody marys are good.

And amazing because work is killing me this week. How 'bout you guys drink me up an 8+ for today?

I'll write one for you...tell you what, I'll do it right now.

You dont have to man, besides you already have...


Ok done with the 8+.

One morning I woke up to buy everyone coffee, but a shoe was missing. One time I was trying to relax in the front seat but someone behind me kept pulling the seatbelt against me, and then removing my headrest. One time I was trying to sleep but someone kept on hitting me. That person was a real jerk.

But as much as he was a jerk, he didn't manage to fuck up my Agollach CD, which I really enjoyed listening to. Here's one of my favorite tracks. It's called "In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion," and while it was playing in the mini-van, that previously mentioned person was mock-side-swiping a guy just because he had a Duke sticker on his car. He thought it was real funny. Yeah. Fuckin' hilarious how you almost totaled the car, dick.

HAHAHA. Oh shit, that rules.

You want to use it, don't you? Yeah you do.

Hell yeah I do.

Do it.

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