02 April 2007

Goes Cube Tour Days Twenty-six and Twenty-seven

As I was saying, we encountered some trouble in Champaign and ended up needing to have the van towed to a garage. We're currently awaiting the repair of the engine oil pan and, if all goes well, I expect we'll be heading out of Illinois sometime late today/tonight. Unfortunately the show originally scheduled for tonight in Michigan has been cancelled but we're planning to make it to Columbus, OH for the show tomorrow...one way or another. I'll betcha we find a way to make a stop in Indianapolis for a capitol picture.

The first show in Chicago was at the Elbo Room. Because the other two bands on the bill had cancelled, Goes Cube was to be the only band appearing on Saturday night. They took the stage around 10:15pm to a very friendly audience full of Matt's family and other various friends of the band. And, as an extra special surprise, two close friends of Goes Cube (shout outs to Tammy and Andrew - what what) made a surprise visit to Chicago for the show. The warm welcome they received must've helped energize the guys because they destroyed their set (that's a good thing) and delivered happy musical punishment to the ears of all in attendance. Merchandise sales reenforced the fact that this show was one of the best of the tour.

We spent a lot of our time in Chicago with Mike and Andrea, who are close friends of the band. They were kind enough to welcome the four of us into their home and it was super refreshing to enjoy non-motel living again. Comfortable sleeping arrangements, food and beverages in abundance, time to relax, and knowledge of where to get the best local food. Mmm regional cuisine. In this case it was Chicago hot dogs. Whoa baby.

First of all, this was the best hot dog I've ever eaten. I'm referring to just the dog itself. Dogs actually, more on that in a second. I just wanted to address this fact immediately. It was better than any of the NY hot dogs I've had by a long shot. And the toppings? Holy cow. Look at them. An explosion of tastes. Pickle, relish, tomatoes, mustard, onions...and TWO hot dogs...all on one poppy seed bun. Yeah, two dogs, one bun. I got the double char dog because that's what Mike ordered but next time I'd go for the single I think. Two turned out to be too much hot dog, but oh so delicious.

After the hot dogs we made our way to Andy's house (another friend of the band) for some homemade beer and Guitar Hero. It's been quite a while, but my chops returned in no time and Kenny and I wrecked "Hangar 18" to the tune of 275,000 plus points before we headed to Town Hall Pub for the second Goes Cube show in Chicago. This show was nowhere near as excellent as the previous night's show, but was a good time nonetheless. A band from the first show of the tour (Constants) had called David and asked if they could be worked into the bill and that's just what happened. They're an excellent band, one of the best I've seen on tour, and I highly suggest checking them out sometime. As for Goes Cube, things were a bit off because they shared equipment with Constants and didn't sound much like themselves. Yet still they were as tight as ever and deafened the small audience with another powerful combination of numbered songs and emphatic delivery.

We're on our way now back to Champaign to pick up the van and then eventually off to Columbus, Pittsburgh, and then home.

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