13 June 2007

A note on submitting music to EAR FARM

I just want to take a moment to speak to bands that have submitted things to EAR FARM in the past couple months. It has always been my personal belief that there are literally tons of excellent unknown, underrepresented, bands out there and I've always made it a primary mission of this site to have EAR FARM feature many talented lesser-knowns who haven't yet appeared on the radar of the "bigger" PR-puppeteered blogs. However, I've been busy with many projects lately and have gotten behind/lost track of many many submissions. If you've sent something to EAR FARM recently, please feel free to send again as I'm trying to play catch up. I am making an honest attempt to return to my original intent to listen to every single submission sent directly from a band/musician and to post about the ones that really stand out.

You can send your music to EAR FARM via EF's MySpace profile or by emailing earfarm-at-mac-dot-com.