08 August 2007


Eulogies. The name alone is enough to get me interested in listening to this band. Who hasn't spent some time reading through the eulogy section of their local newspaper? Taking in the final statement about lives nearby which have too recently come to an end... Morbid? Sometimes I can be. I just have to imagine that a band that decides to go with the name Eulogies probably has at least a thing or two up their sleeve that'll interest me and catch my ear, right?

Peter Walker talks a bit about the choice of band name in their bio:

“Euglogies are most commonly designated for those who have passed, but really they are just words of praise, and in this case they are for the living. The name, for me, represents the saying of the unsaid, the voicing of the unexpressed, to someone you care about.”
Eulogies is a new project that features the above quoted Peter Walker and his touring band, Tim Hutton and Chris Reynolds. They've just completed their self-titled debut album which is set to be released on Dangerbird Records on the 11th of September. Perhaps a fitting coincidence, that release date.

The one song that's available for download, "One Man", shows a band equally mature in their song-writing and sense of who they are/want to be as musicians. This is music that's completely ready for the masses (take note TV execs), yet not music made for the masses. That is to say, the songs appear to come from an honest source of inspiration. One that's driven Peter Walker and crew to share private stories painted on the canvas of well-honed pop rock. Their particular brand of songsmanship is nothing entirely new, but it's worth paying attention to because of how darn well they've been able to capture the exact sound they were going for. A sound that combines the reverby vocals-to-the-front nature of late '50s Sun Records tracks with the tried and true sound of late '90s/early '00s indie pop rock.

"One Man"

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