21 August 2007

Takka Takka, The Forms, and The National @ South Street Seaport - 17 August 2007

Takka Takka (above) rocked South Street Seaport last Friday with a mini-set that was comprised of five songs, shortened due to rain. Since I last saw them, they've added two new members and have seemingly been evolving their sound a bit - drifting away from the mellower side of rock and a bit more towards pop. Then again, not enough time to really take everything in. Whatever the case, Takka Takka is an excellent band worth checking out in person when you have a chance.

Takka Takka - "Draw A Map"

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After the rain that cut short Takka Takka's set ceased, The Forms took the stage for what amounted to around fifteen minutes (three songs) before it started raining again. People (above) were forced to once again wait in the rain, and The Forms were left with no choice but to call it a night and bow out in favor of trying to get The National on stage. I enjoyed what I heard from The Forms though, and I'm hoping to catch a full set from them in the near future.

The Forms - "Black Metal"

Ask me and I'll be the first to tell you, I'm very often not the quickest mo' fo' out there when it comes to really getting into some of the more popular indie type bands. In fact, it often takes much prodding from friends for me to really give certain bands a chance. Why? Whatever. But it happens. Happened for me with The National (above). Happened. Past tense. Thankfully I've moved past my issues with this particular band and have very recently come to love them. Welcome to 2005, I know. Anyway, I went into this show with a fresh crush on the music of The National, but tempered expectations in regards to their live show given what some "long time" fans of the band told me about recent shows at Bowery Ballroom. Before this particular rain drenched Friday night at South Street Seaport I was listening to Alligator and Boxer a lot. Ever since, it's been almost nonstop. I'm a fool for not getting into this band sooner. Even with the typical limitations of the South Street Seaport sound system (not to mention the rain induced extra issues), their live show was excellent and worth the time spent standing in the rain.

The National - "Secret Meeting" (live in Paris, 2005 - via Aquarium Drunkard)

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