23 November 2007

ARC Holiday Record & CD Sale

What is ARC? ARC is the ARChive of Contemporary Music, a not-for-profit archive and research center and the world's largest collection of popular music. Board members include David Bowie, Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller, Lou Reed, Martin Scorsese, Keith Richards, Paul Simon, and Fred Schneider.
From Saturday December 8th through Sunday December 16th, ARC will be open to the general public from 11am to 6pm for a holiday sale. Their press release states the following:

Admission is free! New items daily. Over 20,000 items for sale

Rough Trade CDs, Reggae from Trojan + Sanctuary
CDs are NEW donations from record companies, NOT used, returns or defects!
Mostly pop and rock recordings. Collectible LPs are priced below book value.
Hundreds of CDs are priced at $1 to $5 each. cassettes $1.00 ea./ 12 for $10.
Just released NEW & HOT CDs are $5 - $10, MOST LPS $1 +
BEST DEAL = BOXES of 125 Pop, Soundtrack or Classical LPs = $5 a BOX

CHRISTMAS Records, TONS of Film Soundtrack & Broadway LPs + CDs - MOST for a BUCK, Signed records * 100s of sealed/unopened LPs (Aretha, Troggs, Smiths), BEATLES and more BEATLES LPs, African & world-music * Classical LPs $1 or LESS each! Vintage punk, new wave & classic rock LPs * music books * videos * 7" singles + For the dis-en-vinyled our Astroturf Yardsale of 50s kitchen stuff and clothing!!!

Location: At our ground floor office: 54 White St. Three short blocks south of Canal, between Broadway & Church in Tribeca. Take the 1 train to Franklin, or any train to Canal.
Okay, back to me. Wow, that looks pretty awesome (I took the liberty of adding bold font to the part about the Beatles). The deal is that the ARC holds onto two copies of all recordings released in America and so all of these sale items will be the third copies of such recordings. Call it a large-scale cleaning of the closet, call it a Christmas miracle, call it what you want, but EAR FARM will definitely be checking this out. Will you?