08 November 2007

Grizzly Bear @ Virgin Megastore Union Square - 7 November 2007

....and Grizzly Bear Week shall officially continue NOW.

Ed, Daniel, and the Christophers (Taylor and Bear) played the cafe at Virgin last night for what would be their first New York in-store appearance.

Yes, the whole "vibe" of Virgin could not compare to the magical setting of their last show. And yes several security detectors ended up going off during at least two of their songs (though as Christopher Bear remarked, at least the alarms rang in time to the music). And NO none of this really mattered much because YES the show was still wonderful, delivering more nuances and treats in six songs than most bands pull off in an entire headlining show.

The band essentially distilled the highlights of their Saturday performance into the following abridged set:

Alligator (Friend EP version)
He Hit Me
Little Brother (Friend version)
On A Neck, On A Spit
New Song (still trying to find the name of this one, oh how I love it though)

This set was also an opportunity for the band to showcase a recent collaboration they had originally hoped to unveil for their Conan appearance (of course cancelled due to the writer's strike). Five members of the Brooklyn High School of the Arts joined the band on stage to sing backup on an amazing rendition of "Knife" that proved to be the highlight of the show - a show that will sadly be their last for quite a long time.

If you didn't have the chance to catch Grizzly Bear at either of their New York appearances this past week, take solace in the auditory comforts of the Friend EP until they return.

"He Hit Me"

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