03 November 2007

A Note From the (Temporary) Editor

While Matt makes his rounds of Europe and tries not to stop in every wireless cafe he comes across, he's left me the keys to the castle (or is it plow to the farm?). I expect that he will make irregular contact with us from across the pond and am certainly not discounting the potential of an itinerary change to accommodate another Morrissey pilgrimage or teary-eyed dispatch from Tony Wilson's neck of the woods.

Mainly, however, you can expect things to run more or less the same over the next 10 or so days. I may have some guest posts from time to time and a few other random odds and sods but for the most part it will be business as usual up in here. So enjoy the weekend, remember to set your clocks back and if you're bored feel free to brainstorm ideas for the perfect gift Matt can pick up for me in either Amsterdam, Paris, or Barcelona. Deal?