21 February 2008

NME is silly

Let's play that game from Highlights where we search for what's wrong in the above picture, sound fun? Okay, ready, set, oh you found it already....
Yes, didn't have to look too far. Earlier this month it was NME misremembering (Roger's words not mine) Lez Zeppelin as Led Zeppelin in erroneously breaking the "news" that they'd be headlining Bonnaroo (screen-grab expertly captured by Matt prior to them taking it down in shame available after the jump).

And now ladies and gentlemen, we get "The Walkman". Didn't realize Sony's personal portable cassette player had a band, but hey...slow your roll NME, the internet will still be here after you've spell-checked and fact-checked stuff.

And Previously on the NME Follies...

"All Wrong" by Morphine