21 April 2006


Bella got in touch with EAR FARM via MySpace. They're from Vancouver and remind me (a little bit) of Imperial Teen. Not to say they sound exactly like that, but Bella has the same dynamic of male/female vocals and a similar groovy synth/guitar indie pop-rock sound that begs you to just have fun.

Their MySpace contact was the first I'd ever even heard of the band, but it appears that Bella have seen a bit of success already (from HERE):

"Bella’s debut has New Music Canada calling them "Vancouver's newest sensation". The album climbed the Top 40 on both Exclaim and Chart magazines' campus radio charts, landing them the 18th spot in only their second week. The bands live show is equally as charming with multiple instrument swaps, synchronised dance moves and hip-shaking antics from Cameron, reminiscent of early Mick Jagger."
It goes on to say that Bella has played with a few bands I've seen live before (including the already mentioned Imperial Teen) which gives me hope that they'll soon make it out of the Pacific Northwest and into some clubs in NYC. The track posted here, "Go", is the first song from their debut album Pretty Mess. It's full of synth goodness and lovely female vocals. There's a certain warmth to the overall sound that serves as a refreshing reminder that not everything must be so choppy. Angular. Male. And British.


More songs on the Bella Music Player

Visit Bella on MySpace or GO HERE to buy Bella's first album Pretty Mess.