27 April 2006

Man in Gray - The Delancey, 26 April, 2006

Three cheers for me! I finally got to see Man in Gray last night at The Delancey! Hooray! Really it's been a long time now that I'd been meaning to catch their live show but they had to go and play on dates when I couldn't make it AND they had to go on tour and stuff. Hey, Man in Gray - whilst spreading your great music all across the land, could you have been any less concerned about my schedule and my needs?

All I'm saying is that after seeing them last night, I now totally know for sure that I've got to get more Man in Gray going on in my life. I forgot just how much I love a band with two guitars, forgot how much I love a great female lead vocalist, and somehow forgot how awesome it is to see a band as good as Man in Gray in small crap basement venues. I did not forget, however, how dope some of their songs are. In fact, I was there because I love their songwriting so much but how awesome was it when they finished with a roaring cover of "Twentieth Century Boy" by T. Rex? Fucking hot shit is what it was.

I guess it should be mentioned that there was a slight problem with the pedal on the bass drum at one point, which caused a bit of a false start to one song, and the audience as a whole didn't seem to be rocking out like they should've been (except at the end when Tina jumped down into the audience while singing "Twentieth Century Boy"...pictured here), but the new songs sounded excellent and it was a joy to finally hear the old ones in a live setting. Even if I could barely make out what the guitarists were playing at points due to sound mud...

Look, forget about the fact that the sound system at The Delancey still sucks as much ass as it always has and know this: if you were at the show, you know what I'm talking about...and if you weren't at the Man in Gray show last night, you really missed out. Either way, below you'll find some Man in Gray stuff that was previously posted on EF.

Trust me, go see them live and buy their music.



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