21 April 2006

Pants-Off Dance-Off / free beers

EAR FARM regularly gets sent emails from PR folk trying to sell things. For this reason I always try to let you guys know how new bands come to my attention and, though not often/almost never, sometimes the PR people win. In this case, I couldn't not post about free beer and naked people...directly quoted from what was sent to me:

Fuse will pay you $200 to get naked to the beat of your favorite video. For me I guess it would have to be the main theme from Last of the Mohicans (No, NOT Rhythm is Gonna Get You). What about you? Wait. Who cares. Hot chicks and fat guys are dancing naked on FUSE. This email is over. (We wanna see your privates. Sign up here)

For more videos, behind the scenes clips and contests visit FUSEDAY TUESDAY.

"Hey New Yorkers," said the moviefone guy, "Fuseday Launch Party at Happy Ending (302 Broome St) 4/25 with Free Heineken Premium Light 10-12 (while supplies last)"
There you have it. Get naked for Fuse for $200 and get some free beers on Tuesday night, if you live in the city.