11 April 2006


Slowlands have already been making waves on some well-respected music blogs and for good reason.

  • Central Village says "Seeing them at Movable Hype last Wednesday opened my eyes. These guys are very good. I hear a lot of CYHSY in there...but far more mellower and less abrasive"
  • ProductShopNYC says "...a sweet new six-piece out of Brooklyn, and I've been digging what I've heard. They remind me a bit of Sea Ray, which is a very, very good thing"
  • The Underrated Blog says "...a band that is gaining significant buzz for their Clap Your Hands meets Wolf Parade sound. But it's their live show that helps them stand out amongst the bunch, a crowded chaos of sounds and instruments from six talented musicians"
  • My Old Kentucky Blog says "these guys have a little slower, clearer and cleaner Clap Your Hands Say Yeah vocal sound and a Neil Young/Velvet Underground/Death Cab musical feel. They've also garnered slight comparisons, in roundabout ways, to Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade and Neutral Milk Hotel"
I'm aware that that's a bunch of heaping praise there, but they might just be worth it. They're playing a show tonight here in the city, so maybe you should find out for yourself. And, if I had to give you a comparison...I think they're a bit Death Cab meets The Walkmen.

"One More Fire"

Visit Slowlands on MySpace.

See Slowlands live tonight at The Mercury Lounge.