20 April 2006


"Wreckroom" by Loose Fur which clocks in at 8:36

The 20th of April (or 4/20 here in the States) is known for a few different things to many people. Infamously, it's Hitler's birthday and the day that two students went on a killing spree at Columbine High School. This year it happens to land on the third Thursday of April, so it's National High Five Day. To me, April 20th is about something else. It's...well, it's a day to celebrate smokin' and tokin' and chillin'. I mean, come on man, it's like four-twenty today. And stuff. Don't go thinking the hippies I've known didn't teach me a thing or two... Well, almost as important to today's celebration (as what's pictured here in this post) is to have some goood tunes to listen to. How about this: I'll supply the music, you just make with the fun. Got it?

Rather than go for something you might expect (like some Dead, Phish, or Widespread or something) I've decided on the song "Wreckroom" by Loose Fur. The album came to me weeks ago, with a suggestion, via my hippie friend Mike. His suggestion? Post this very song in EF's 8+ feature. Given how much this album kicks ass, given how much I adore this song, and given that it's going to sound really nice on today of all days, well, going with "Wreckroom" was a no-brainer. It starts a bit Steely Dan-ish and then grooves into a little Neil Young kinda thing before evolving into some right-on heady shit. Yet, you're always aware that you're listening to Jim O'Rourke mixed in with two guys (you got me - not just any two guys) from Wilco. A perfect contemporary song for today's festivities? Fuckin' a right (high five).

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(photo is from HERE)

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