30 March 2006


"Countdown" by Pulp which clocks in at 8:04

"Hush. Keep very still, for the strangest things are about to happen."

So begins the single version (radio edit) of Pulp's largely ignored pop-rock dance opus. Strange, but strange things don't happen within the song. All that happens is a little bit of groove, some jam, some words most people can relate to, and some disco. In other words, Pulp by numbers. This is where the male Brit-pop version of Gloria Gaynor first showed his face; in this song. This song, the song that gave birth to the Pulp that could've taken over the world. It was the start of His 'n Hers/Different Class Pulp and it's one of my favorite songs longer than eight minutes. You will fall in love with this song because it's already in love with you.

The day I first discovered this CD single for sale, brought it home, and listened to it...my private headline/lede that day would've read:

The miserable musings of Morrissey crash into Cocker's "Countdown" and the world is reborn - Trapped in the humdrum capital city of some random state, a 17 year old American boy finds himself in the words and music of Pulp. Dancing and laughing and finally living? TBD.
You can buy that very same CD single on EBay HERE (for £40!) or BUY Countdown 1992-1983 HERE.

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