28 March 2006

The Vorstand Circus

The Vorstand Circus deserve attention...lots of attention, and fans, and critical praise. I'm not going to be able get the point across properly because The Vorstand Circus really should be discovered by listening to Sworn In On A Stack Of Dictionaries in its entirety, and all you're going to get here are the first two songs from this outstanding album. These songs should give you an idea of what lies within Sworn In On A Stack Of Dictionaries much the same way that watching Iron Chef might leave you wanting to eat at Morimoto; but trust me - spend some money to get the full experience and you'll find something very rare and special.

From the bio:

The Vorstand Circus are the band project of Melbourne, Australia-based musician Jason Allen. Currently the only member, Jason is seeking musicians to complete the line-up. The Vorstand Circus's first album, Sworn In On A Stack Of Dictionaries was written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered entirely by Jason on a PC in the second bedroom of a small apartment in Bern, Switzerland.
I've actually got a lot more information about the story behind the album Sworn In On A Stack Of Dictionaries and the guy behind The Vorstand Circus but I'll save all of that for some other time. I think it's better to go into listening to a band/album like this fresh and without any pre-conceived notions. Wait, that's a lie. Allow me to give you a few notions...

The Vorstand Circus remind me of XTC, They Might Be Giants, and early REM. Or, in terms of mood and the manner in which the subject matter of the songs is dealt with, The Vorstand Circus have quite a bit in common with Arcade Fire. Sworn In On A Stack Of Dictionaries strikes that most perfect balance of clever production and songwriting coupled with smart melodies and blissful harmonies that guide you through personal lyrics. If you're thinking this is all typical blogger hyperbole, think again. Had I heard Sworn In On A Stack Of Dictionaries last year when it was released, it would've made it into EAR FARM's Top 15 albums of 2005. That this is all the work of one guy is something to be recognized as genius. Now that Jason is finding a band to tour with, it won't be long before all of your neighbors also know of The Vorstand Circus. Listen to this music, buy the album, and tell the world how much you love it.

"All Truth Now"
"Black Hole"

BUY Sworn In On A Stack Of Dictionaries on Cafe Press HERE.