31 March 2006

EAR FARM's March '06 mixtape

It's that time again, EAR FARM mixtape time. Seriously, though these posts are meant to remind you of all of the great bands given their own little feature on the site this past month, this list of songs also works well when downloaded and listened to in the following order. Clicking the song title will give you the song, the band name will take you to the band's site, and the (+) will take you to a previous EAR FARM post about that band.

1. "Point of Pride" by The Unsacred Hearts (+)
2. "Sleeping" by Man in Gray (+)
3. "Glad To Be Scattered" by Track a Tiger (+)
4. "It Wuz Worth It" by Black Nasty (+)
5. "Priest" by Beangrowers (+)
6. "In The Valley" by The Lovely Feathers (+)
7. "Moody Woman" by The Alright Ma's (+)
8. "Better Half" by The Pine Club (+)
9. "Jamaica Beer Eyes" by The Heights (+)
10. "Shut Us Down" by Brakes (+)
11. "The Funnest Game" by Katharine Whalen (+)
12. "Windows" by Noah Harrison (+)
13. "Bush War Blues" by Johnny Clash (aka Billy Bragg) (+)
14. "Black Hole" by The Vorstand Circus (+)


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