07 March 2006

The Sisters of Mercy @ Webster Hall - 6 March, 2006

I wouldn't normally have gone to see The Sisters Of Mercy but one of my good friends came to town (because they're one of his favorite bands ever) just to see the show, so of course I wanted to go with him. I mean, I love Bauhaus and NIN and enjoyed Sisters of Mercy songs I'd heard before, so seeing Sisters sounded like it'd be a lot of fun.

We got there right as the opening band, The Warlocks, finished their set. It's a shame that we missed them (according to the reviews I link to below) but we were clearly there only for the headliner - just like everyone else. Everyone else, by the way, was (of course) getting their goth on something fierce. It's not always a bad thing, in fact I think we could use a little MORE goth in this world.

So, The Sisters of Mercy came on at like 10:15 or so and started out fairly flat. Right away two things were obvious: the fake smoke was going to really suck if it kept on pumping out so damn much that you couldn't see the band (it went on the whole time), and (from where we were standing) the sound was not mixed well at all. Seriously, it was awful. ALL we could hear were vocals and it was pretty darn bad until the end of the show. The last few songs seemed to work themselves out and then during the two encores the show really picked up. The sound was excellent and the bands and fans finally connected and rocking out ensued. All in all, a bunch of fun even if the sound was very bad for most of the show.

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