02 March 2006

North Carolina - the American Idol state

I'm from North Carolina and I've never been among the top contestants on American Idol! With each passing season there are fewer and fewer North Carolinians who can truthfully say that. What gives? Why is it that so many people with American Idol kinda talent are from North Carolina??

Famously (in Idol watching circles at least) Clay Aiken and Fantasia Barrino are from North Carolina and this season there are currently four contestants from NC still left in the top 20. Let's take a look at them quickly before they get voted off or something...and yes, I do indeed watch (and love) American Idol.

Bucky Covington- from Rockingham, NC. This guy is totally the real deal. He looks and sounds just like a dude from Rockingham should. If he doesn't stray from doing southern rock songs (he should totally alternate between Bob Seger, Allman Brothers, and Lynyrd Skynyrd each week) and keeps on talking about chicken 'n biscuits and sweet tea, he'll find himself an audience after his run on this show is over. Sadly, I don't think he has a chance to win but he'll be around for a few more weeks. Watch Bucky Covington sing "Simple Man".

Heather Cox - she's from Jonesville, NC. Where is that? Doesn't much matter, I suppose, as she'll be voted off tonight I think. Why? Well she picked a crappy song written for last year's American Idol contestants to sing last week and this week she tried to do a song by Mariah. She struck out both times and her personality probably won't win her many votes either. It's too bad for her but if people are going to vote for a blonde girl from NC, it's not going to be Heather Cox. Watch Heather Cox sing "Hero".

Chris Daughty - from McLeansville, NC...I don't know where that is either but it MUST be closer to Greensboro than it is to Denver! So why did he audition in Denver and not Greensboro?? Whatever. This dude can sing. He seems like he could definitely front a successful rock band, much more so than those two wankers from last season. It's a shame that I'm not really a fan of the kind of crap that these people usually sing on the show because I'd love to see Chris do a song I really like...something really kick-ass like "Rearviewmirror" by Pearl Jam. Regardless, I think he's got potential to be in the top 5. Watch Chris Daughty sing "Hemmorage".

Kellie Pickler - from Albemarle, NC (fairly close to Charlotte)...she's going to cruise for the next few weeks. How can people help but like her? She's cute, has a touching personal story (with her dad being in prison and being raised by her Grandfather and all), and she has an adorable accent and a great down-to-earth personality. Plus, she can definitely sing. Not like Lisa, or Paris, or Mandisa, but she can sing well enough to get herself in the top 5 maybe. I'm definitely routing for her. Watch Kellie Pickler sing "Something To Talk About".

Don't worry, I won't go on and on talking about this show in a zillion future posts. I just had to address the fact that so many people from North Carolina have done pretty well on it...for whatever that's worth. It's like, at first, I was a bit embarrassed to be from the same city as Clay Aiken but now, now I'm proud that my state has had such a strong showing on American Idol. There's quite a reputation to be had here somehow...like, Wisconsin may be well-known for producing lots of good cheese and now maybe NC will be known for producing lots of good cheesy music. We can hope at least. Anyway, tonight, four more contestants will get the boot. Who will it be?