23 March 2006

Noah Harrison

Last night I listened to a particular playlist while going to sleep. It's one I listen to rather often when I feel a certain way as the songs on it are especially moody and introspective. I named it 'That summer feeling' after the Jonathan Richman song of the same name. Don't know that one? Well you can read the lyrics to get an idea of what the song is about, but you should really just listen to it. My point is, I recently put two songs by Noah Harrison on this playlist of mine and they define the overall feeling of the mix better than some of the songs I've always loved.

Noah Harrison contacted me and sent me a copy of his EP Songs For a Long Night after I told him that I really liked what I'd heard on his MySpace site. Go there and listen. You'll get an idea of the certain kind of fantastic that Noah's been able to tap into. Atmosphere, mood, longing, reflection...it's hard to not keep coming back to how contemplative and introspective his songs are and it's hard not to be reminded of Nick Drake when listening to Noah Harrison. There's a lot of soul that's been poured into his music and I almost feel lucky for the fact that he's recorded and shared such personal writing with the world. As you listen and connect, it's songs like these that creep into your life and stay with you becoming almost like memories of your own.

The track posted here is the first track from the EP and the first song I really liked by Noah. Now my two favorites, the two songs I put on my mix that I mentioned before, are "Pater" and "MotherBrother". You're going to have to BUY Songs For a Long Night to hear those. If you like what you hear in "Windows", I promise it'll be well worth the money.


BUY Songs For a Long Night on CD Baby or on iTunes.