28 March 2006

Music Blogger NCAA Pool

The tourney may not be over yet, but our little Music Blogger NCAA Pool is, given that none of us picked ANY of the final four teams. The winner is The DIY Rockstar who certainly rules at things such as picking the winners of basketball games and interviewing members of The Subways.

Here are the final standings:
1. The DIY Rockstar
2. Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands
3. BurningOak.com
4. tmwsiy*
5. Glassheads.org
6. The Face Of Today
7. I Rock Cleveland
8. Clever Titles Are So Last Summer
10. Bows + Arrows
10. Can You See The Sunset From The Southside
12. Yeti Don't Dance
13. Audio For Drinking
14. Take Your Medicine

Look for a post about "Free Bird" from Mike at Take Your Medicine in the near future.