13 March 2006

The Lovely Feathers

The Lovely Feathers are getting some love around the blog world. Take a look at the Filter Music Alliance Top 5 bands and you'll find them there as well. I actually was first sent an email about them a few weeks ago, and checked them out then, but never got around to posting about 'em. Here's a quick list for you.

The facts you'll need to know:
1. They're from Montreal, go read their bio.
2. They make pop music that reminds me a bit of The Feelies or The Futureheads or perhaps Pavement at times. The point is, their music is concentrated and groovy: it'll get your ass moving and won't bore you.
3. They're playing SxSW on the 18th.
4. More tour dates HERE.
5. Visit them on MySpace HERE.
6. EAR FARM thinks they make swell music.

"In The Vallley"
"Wrong Choice"