17 March 2006

The Smiths rejected $5 million offer to reunite for Coachella

Morrissey revealed the details during his Q&A at SxSW:

Pioneering U.K. modern rock band the Smiths turned down a $5 million offer to reunite at the upcoming Coachella Valley Arts & Music Festival in southern California, former frontman Morrissey said Thursday.

His revelation, during a public interview at the South By Southwest Music & Media Conference in Austin, triggered gasps from the audience. When journalist David Fricke asked if he had considered it, Morrissey replied, "No, because money doesn't come into it," a response that drew applause from the crowd.

Of the critically adored act, whic broke up ine the late 1980s, Morrissey said, "It was a fantastic journey. And then it ended. I didn't feel we should have ended. I wanted to continue. (Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr) wanted to end it. And that was that."
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While that doesn't surprise me in the least, for some reason, I still have a feeling that we'll be hearing Morrissey and Marr together again someday.

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