14 March 2006

The Alright Ma's

As best as I can tell, The Alright Ma's are a pretty young band. By that, I mean to say that they've got no official website, no professional recordings, no photos for press to use, and nothing listed on their MySpace site in terms of upcoming shows. Regardless of all of that, they sent me a message on MySpace and I checked out their stuff. According to what it says on their page, their "...debut album will be out around September 1, 2006. Right now the songs on this site are just demos." Fair enough. The demos they have posted are good and one of them in particular is not to be missed. It's a stripped down Zeppelin-esque blues song. It's over-the-top and I love it. I'll definitely be checking back in with this band to see what the future holds for them.

"Moody Woman"

Go to The Alright Ma's on MySpace to hear three more songs.