07 April 2006


A new band has came to my attention via email. Their name? Tigercity. Some background? Here:

"Formed in Northampton, MA in the fall of 2004, Tigercity soon began playing dance nights, loft parties, and shows with bands such as MIA/Diplo, The New Deal, Mixel Pixel, and Big Digits. Tigercity quickly won over audiences with their tumbling 808 drums and infectious, dance-rock grooves. The band went into the studio in July, 2005 and recorded the Tigercity EP, a five song, electro-pop adventure with slashing guitar riffs, and loveable disco hooks. After moving to Brooklyn, NY in late 2005, the band switched guitar players, and added a live drummer..."
Continue reading their bio HERE.

Tigercity owes a thing or two to 80's music, but then who doesn't? What I'm already really digging about this band's music is that I'm being reminded of Duran Duran, Talking Heads, and Devo when listening to this stuff. Those are some fantastic bands to use as a basis for where you want your sound to go but you better bring some good shit when your aim is that fine mix of dance/rock. Refreshingly, Tigercity does their version of guitar driven dance extremely well and looks poised to fit nicely next to LCD Soundsystem and Daft Punk in the playlists of daring-enough-to-dance cool kids everywhere.


Go see Tigercity on MySpace where you can buy their EP and download two more songs of theirs AND get info on upcoming live dates!

(I just noticed that you can find posts about Tigercity HERE and HERE, and probably elsewhere too, if you'd like)