10 April 2006

The Sam Roberts Band

Lazy? Maybe...but at least this is proof that EAR FARM will indeed pass along any good finds from other sites, eh?

The Sam Roberts Band is a band I found out about while reading Yeti Don't Dance. Given that, here's a bit of what Jerry said about them:

"Musically, I really liked them. They have an instantaneous likeability, with catchy songs and rocking out. A simple concept, but one easier said than done. Reminds me a little of earlier Wilco."
What do I know? I know I really dig their song "Where Have All The People Gone?" - it reminds me a bit of The Beta Band mixed with Blind Melon - and I like the other songs that Jerry posted HERE. Give them a listen, I can hear how they have the potential to be a great live act. Below you'll also find links to a few of their videos.

"Where Have All The People Gone?"

"Where Have All The People Gone?"
"Don’t Walk Away Eileen"

Go see The Sam Roberts Band on MySpace to get info on upcoming live dates.

Go HERE to buy Sam Roberts Band merch/music.