28 June 2006

Shapes and Sizes remix/cover song contest!

Asthmatic Kitty Records recently signed Victoria, BC band Shapes and Sizes. In addition, this Saturday is Canada Day. To celebrate these two things, and to give you musicians something fun to do in your free time, Asthmatic Kitty Records is having a contest. That's the short and long of it, but let's have some details, shall we?

Submit a remix, cover, reinterpretation, or mash-up of Shapes and Sizes' song "Wilderness" from their forthcoming self-titled debut. A specially selected team of bloggers will choose the three most creative and intriguing entries. First place will receive $300 and some AK-Shwag. Second and third place will receive shwag, without the cash.

On September 1st, check back at asthmatickitty.com for the winners.
I'm not sure who (else) will be making up the panel of bloggers, but I do know that one of them will be ME. That's right, so get your shit together and remix, remix, repackage...er, I mean remix or cover "Wilderness".

And hey, want a free tip? Make sure your version reflects who you (or your band) are (is) as a musician(s). Seems obvious, perhaps, but I've heard more than one cover fail to work because of a lack of understanding of this.

Full info about the contest HERE.