14 June 2006

There are some new things on the RIGHT

Yep, that's right. Scroll down and look over there. See them? Love them. They are there for both you and I. What are they? Oh...well, there's a spot for the banner of the monthly Ear Farm Presents... show and I've cleaned up/added some new links. Go check out the new sites listed under the links and send them some Ear Farm love.

UPDATE - A fair question was posed: "which are the new links you've added?"

Well, here they are. Say hi to the new kids: BadmintonStamps, Fireballs & Tsunami, The Modern Age, Nothing But Green Lights, Ruined Music, Soft Communication, StereoactiveNYC, Subinev, Village Indian.

There's a bunch more that I should add to be sure so keep your eyes on those links.