21 September 2007

EAR FARM: Heavy Rotation

EAR FARM's Last.fm tells only part of the story, so let's check in with the 10 albums getting the most attention at EF HQ at the moment. There's a song from each album posted below, and a link to purchase each on Amazon/iTunes (if available).
We Are Him by Angels Of Light - For two weeks now this has been getting a lot of attention from me, and for good reason. A surprisingly great record and worth checking out if you're into the intimate, open-road, darkness of artists such as Nick Cave.

Saturnalia by The Wedding Present - Every so often I remember that David Gedge is one of the great songwriters of the late '80s-'90s. Then I go on a listening spree where one of his albums plays nearly nonstop on my iPod and I remember how cool it was meeting David while he stood at the merch table before a Wedding Present show at Bowery Ballroom.Boxer by The National - <3Manners Matter by Mancino - Unofficial announcement: EF Halloween Show @ Europa. Do it. Do it.Beautiful Targets by Hopewell - Unofficial announcement: EF Halloween Show @ Europa. Do it. Do it.Goes Cube Songs 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53 by Goes Cube - Unofficial announcement: EF Halloween Show @ Europa. Do it. Do it.
    Listen: "Goes Cube Song 46"

    (you'll have to wait a little while before you can buy these songs)
The Whale by Cheyenne - Something tells me that The Whale is going to be the record that puts Cheyenne on the map. OH SO FUNNY WITH MAP JOKES EARFARM! But really, the quality of the songs, song writing, and production on Cheyenne's upcoming release are of the highest level. I'm only starting to scratch the surface of this one and I can't wait to see what all of you guys think once it's released. If you live in NYC, keep your eyes open for a time when you can catch them live. Perhaps the 8th of December at Joe's Pub??
    Listen: "The Whale"

    (you'll have to wait until the 12th of December before you can buy this record)
The Biz Never Sleeps by Biz Markie - How the shit did this end up here?! I'll tell you: one of the tracks from this record came up on shuffle, I thought to myself "self, ya'll needs some more Biz up in your life - ain'tnojoke". Ever since, I've been listening to a bit of The Biz Never Sleeps here and there to get my groove on. Yeah.Hold On Too Tight by Schooner - I've mentioned how this one gets better and better the more you listen, but maybe it's time I just come out and say it plainly: this album is one of the best I've heard in 2007. Buy it, spend time with it. You won't regret it.Strawberry Jam by Animal Collective - This album is fading fast for me. Disappointment? Not sure yet, maybe I'll come around. I do know that I was a lot more into Person Pitch so soon after its release than I am into Strawberry Jam right now.