12 September 2007

The Muggabears - "Guitar Feelings"

EAR FARM favorites The Muggabears are hibernating at the moment, right? WRONG. Just because you don't see shows lined up at the moment on their calendar doesn't mean they've run off to sleep for the Winter. I mean, it's still techinically Summer anyway, yeah?

Just yesterday, the band sent EAR FARM a previously unreleased song called "Guitar Feelings". It made me happy to hear something new from The Muggabears, yet (thankfully) something entirely familiar. Stumbly-fun drum beats, dischorded guitars, an innocent enough rock beginning that devolves into a banshee jam before resolving itself... call this Muggabears by numbers if you want, but only because "Guitar Feelings" contains all of what made you fall for the band in the first place.

"Guitar Feelings"

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