17 January 2008

Ask Stephen Malkmus

As you probably know by now, the above is the cover art for Real Emotional Trash, the fourth post-Pavement album from Stephen Malkmus and second to carry the Jicks moniker. Did you also know that this has been the wallpaper on my computer for the past ten days? No, I wouldn't expect you to, and it's not particularly worth noting except for the broader Malklove it implies.

Yes yes, seems we're all Malkmus fans these days, so much so that the folks at Blender are just begging to crash their server by soliciting YOU to send in your questions to SM, to which he will presumably respond in a future issue of the rag. Wanna know just what the hell a Jick is? His thoughts on the Portland Trailblazers' storybook season so far? Is Yul Brynner really his muse? You now have the opportunity to be heard, so go forth and ask!

While you brainstorm, go ahead and cue up the two tracks below from Real Emotional Trash. After listening, I think you'll find that his decision to add the Jicks to the title credits makes perfect sense. The record feels like a logical continuation of Pig Lib, a bit of a return to the freewheeling jammy goodness that made that album stand out (to me at least, as it remains my favorite Malkmus-related album, Pavement or otherwise). To those who scored tickets to any or all of his three sold-out New York shows in March and April, be prepared: this album is going to cook live.

"Cold Son"

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