18 January 2008

My Morning Jacket - Well, Did You Get Tickets Or What?

Oh how Jim James and his merry band of Kentuckians (Kentuckyites? Bluegrassers?) have taunted us this past week, dispensing piece after choice piece of band-related news that has only made us realize just how far away June is.....

You know June - lots of humidity, home to Daisy Buchanan's favorite day of the year, NBA Finals, shitty movies - and as we know now the release of My Morning Jacket's latest album.

Perhaps equally enticing is the Radio City gig also announced for June, the 20th to be exact. The presale occurred just moments ago, and based on my own fruitless run-around within the bowels of the internet it's safe to say that those tickets ran out in a matter of minutes.

But alas, another advantage of having two EAR FARMers instead of one is in the ability to wage multiple assaults on the phalanxes of online ticket-buying. Back from the trenches, a weary Matt has apparently scored tickets. Did you all have similar luck?

This show is going to rule for the following reasons:
- As of now, it's only their fourth date scheduled, the other three all being in mid-March around SXSW (see below for details)
- The show is billed as "An Evening With My Morning Jacket". To me this implies special guests (see video below for visual aid), multiple encores, balloons and loads of other shenanigans
- It's at Radio City. Last time we saw MMJ was at Roseland. This is a big improvement.

If you struck out like I did in presale, fear not. Public sale starts January 25th at 10am. Go forth and conquer!

10 March - Houston, TX @ Verizon Wireless Theatre *
13 March - Austin, TX @ Austin Music Hall (SXSW)
15 March - Austin, TX @ St. David's Church (SXSW Jim James solo show)
20 June - New York, NY @ Radio City Music Hall (ie "An Evening With My Morning Jacket")

Listen: "Run Thru"

And here's another teensy consolation: excellent live video of MMJ performing the Who's "A Quick One While He's Away" with Mr. Golden Globe himself Eddie Vedder:

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