26 May 2006

FUN day!

Main Entry: fun
1 : what provides amusement or enjoyment; specifically : playful often boisterous action or speech

Memorial Day weekend! That usually signals the start of summer fun so here's a few bands you might not know yet that you can listen to this weekend as you grill, chill, and make fun. FUN time, FUN day.

Clementine Broadcast
Clementine Broadcast is a band from Fairfield, Connecticut that draws from classic pop-rock influences like The Beatles, The Kinks, and The Zombies. They make fun, melodic, upbeat music that's catchy and full of smart harmonies. Can music sound like a long weekend that kicks off the summer? It seems the answer is yes. The four songs posted on Clementine Broadcast's MySpace page are all a real gas, check out two of them below.

“Harold Harvey”

Lesley Lane
Lesley Lane is a Montreal band that was formed by The Dears guitarist Patrick Kriefgot. They got in touch with me via MySpace and I'm really liking what I've heard by the band so far. There's a hint of a connection to the sound that has made The Dears favorites of mine so it makes sense that I like them, but there's also great potential and that makes me rather excited for the release of their upcoming album. One song below and four more on their MySpace page.


Captain of Industry
Captain of Industry is a four piece band from Dayton, OH that's apparently already seen a moderate level of success in indie-rock circles. I remember seeing this mention of them on YANP but the music didn't really click with me then. Recently though I've been listening to their stuff on MySpace and have found the songs both pleasing to my ears and interesting. And, it looks like they're on tour right now too, so check 'em out when they come your way.

“Go Go's”
“The Great Divide”