09 May 2006

Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery contacted EAR FARM via MySpace and said "fool - you best listen to our music!", to which I replied "who you calling fool? break yo self, Murder Mystery". Nasty words were exchanged back and forth until it was agreed that we meet in Thompkins Square Park at 2pm on a Tuesday to settle our differences. Today was that Tuesday. I wore a "I'm a blogger" t-shirt so as to achieve maximum intimidation factor and, it didn't work. So here I am, battered and beaten and now fully aware of the fact that one nerdy blogger can't very well take on a three piece band with the word 'murder' in their name. Actually, I should've known better than to mess with a band named Murder Mystery. Luckily, for all of us, I'm still around to tell people about good music. Good music like Murder Mystery.

(And yet I haven't even told you a thing about the band or their music. Haven't mentioned that Murder Mystery is from NYC and makes sounds that seem to stem from a late 50's/early 60's pop-rock sensibility. From the same influences that made George Harrison play guitar the way that he did...for instance, there's a hint of Harrison's pre-Hindu stylings in the song "Think of Me" (and in their other songs too but I hear "Act Naturally" in this one) and that's never a bad thing. Vocally, think of They Might Be Giants with well timed female backing vocals. Sounds good, right? Go find out for yourself. And, no, I didn't get into a fight with the band. That was a Rescue 911-ish dramatization.)

"Honey Come Home"
"Think Of Me"

Go to the Murder Mystery MySpace page for more info and music.