31 May 2006


OMR is so very French. Are they? So very? No, maybe not. Well, I don't know. But their music is groovy and mellow and breathy and good and they are from France. So you see why I might say they're "so very franch". Actually it doesn't matter where they're from, I just needed a way to begin this write-up. Plus, knowing they're French you may hear their songs and say "ah yes, but of course". My guess is that you'll hear their Black Box Recorder-ish electro-pop songs and fall in love with them. Then you will want to own some music and see them live. Good luck with that. For starters, you can find one song below and three more on their MySpace page.

"The Way We Have Chosen"

Parlez-Vous Français? Go HERE to read what someone else has to say about OMR or HERE for another site that's in English.