11 May 2006

Ruined Music

Ruined Music is a new website, and a fantastic idea methinks. From the site:

A word about submissions: bring ‘em!

Another word about submissions: many of you have asked us about the limits of our theme. Initially we asked for stories about songs that were ruined by bad memories of an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, but if you want to, you know, stretch the boundaries, go for it. Did your roommate, brother, neighbor, bandmate, mom, or pet hamster ruin a song you used to like? Tell us about it, in fewer than 1,000 witty words. While we’re partial to stories focusing on the aftermath of wrecked romances, we’re certainly open to other interpretations of “ruined music,” if that’s what you’ve got. But no matter what, we hope that by sharing your story with us - and with the internet public - you’ll experience a cathartic healing and be able to reclaim your record collection.
There you have it. Very cool, I'm in.