26 September 2006

Contrast Podcast #26

This week, a very special Contrast Podcast. Tim approached me about the special theme, bands introducing their own music, and asked if I might be able to help find a few good bands for the show. But of course!

Readers of EAR FARM will recognize the two bands I got in touch with for Contrast Podcast #26 and everyone else will (I'm sure) want get to know a lot more about Goes Cube and Mancino in the very near future. Both bands are hard at work finishing up the production of new records that I've been lucky enough to get an advance listen to, both bands have shared one of their BRAND NEW songs for this podcast, and both bands are going to find MANY new fans with these new releases. To be frank, Goes Cube and Mancino are two of my favorite bands in the world so thanks to them for taking part in this week's Contrast Podcast and thanks to Tim (as always) for putting together another excellent podcast.

You can download Contrast Podcast #26 HERE.

***while the song Goes Cube has shared for this podcast has already been made available, the Mancino song that OPENS the podcast is the WORLD PREMIERE of material recorded for their upcoming debut album. the song is amazing and the album is going to be something really special. expect much more about Mancino's debut album in the near future***

You can see BOTH bands this week in New York!