04 September 2006

EAR FARM checks in with the Elbo.ws top 10

Once a week, on Monday, EAR FARM checks in with the Elbo.ws top 10 hot artists. As this site has always been about music that I believe in, and love, this feature offers a great opportunity for something different; namely, commentary on whatever bands people are seeking out. Next to each 'hot' artist you'll see a brief editorial bit and then a link to a song and source for where the song was found. Enjoy.

Elbo.ws top 10 'hot' artists - 4 September @ 4pm EST

The Rapture - I thought the album Echoes was very good and what I've heard so far from The Rapture's new ablum Pieces of the People We Love has gotten me right excited for its US release on September 12th.

Bob Dylan - I've always had a respect for Dylan but at times have found his songs "atrocious" and "worth nothing" (not true). Alright, to be honest, I've actually often found his music boring. Sorry. That's not to say I'm unaware of the fact that he's one of the greatest artists of the 20th century but I definitely didn't care to listen to his new album until I saw the iTunes commercial featuring "Someday Baby". Below is a Bob Dylan song that's featured in one of my favorite movies.Ray LaMontagne - I don't know Ray LaMontagne and I'm not sure I'd like his stuff based upon the tiny bit I have listened to. It reminds me of forgettable music from a two star movie, or of Van Morrison. Dude's got some soul though, I'll give him that.M. Ward - From the recent EF post on M. Ward: "His music is personal and beautiful; this song, "To Go Home", (a sentiment I can relate to...and a great cover of a Daniel Johnston song) - boisterous and full of life. While you listen to his music, for many of M. Ward's songs I've heard, I liken the feeling you'll have inside to that of feeling all warm and wonderful when you drink hot chocolate (or tea) sitting inside next to a fire on a cold winter night. That's not to say this isn't perfect warm weather music too. Any time is a good time for M. Ward and right now, the perfect time for this song."Teddybears - I've seen them mentioned on a bunch of sites of late and didn't pay attention until I got a few of their songs given to me on a mix for work. In no time I was like, "hm, if this isn't fad-music then I don't know what is!", then I was all "wha? this fun!", then I was sick of it.Annuals - Where Raleigh at?! I'm so glad people continue to discover and love Annuals. Once again, I'm looking forward to being DJ at the Friction show they're playing in NYC in September and I can't wait to see them open for Art Brut. One of the best new bands of 2006 for sure. Annuals...Top of the Pops!Stars of Track and Field - Coldplay, Keane, Travis, Doves, South...when will people start to realize these bands are the new Journey, Foreigner, and Air Supply? I think I like the SONG "Stars of Track and Field" a bunch more than I do the band.Snowden - This band from Atlanta is all back up in the Elbows list again. I find myself liking the song "Anti-Anti" the more I listen to it, never a bad sign.Silversun Pickups - I'm still annoyed that I missed seeing these guys because I'm not willing to form a full opinion of them until I do so, though I kinda like their album more the more time I have with it. Lasting music or a mid-2006 phase? We shall see.Tv on the Radio - REWIND: "I loved, LOVED, Tv on the Radio's debut EP. Then Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes left me wondering how much longer the band was going to be able to hold my interest. Well they killed all that noise real quick. The new album kicks as much ass as you've heard and is an early candidate for album of the year in more than one list I'll betcha. "Wolf Like Me" is a good taste, so listen and then buy the album when it is finally released Stateside."