04 September 2006

Goes Cube news and new song to download

Goes Cube is returning to the studio to record four additional songs (34, 35, 36, and 37). These songs will be added to their recently completed unreleased recording that has become known as Beckon the Dagger God. Dean Baltulonis (of Foreign Islands) will be producing the recording once again. I'm hoping they get the (soon-to-be) eleven track album released this year because it's bound to make 'Best of...' lists everywhere. In the meantime, Goes Cube has made available their song Goes Cube Song 29. It's one of my favorite tracks from Beckon the Dagger God so believe me when I tell you - you will listen to it, you will like it.

The band is in the studio this week and will then play two shows in New York City to showcase their new music and hand out limited edition copies of the new material (hoping this will this include songs 34-37). I meant it when I said that Goes Cube is one of the very best live bands in New York. I've been trying to tell people this for pretty much all of 2006 and I'm not going to stop. In a world where bands barely have five songs down before they play live shows, where overhype equals indie rock success, and where rivers of shit have eroded the good taste of most listeners, Goes Cube matters.

The shows are:

  • 16 September (Saturday) @ Cakeshop w/ Dragons of Zynth and Stephonik & The Bright Side
  • 26 September (Tuesday) @ Sin-e w/ You Say Party! We Say Die! and The Blow
Goes Cube Song 29

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