18 September 2006

Goes Cube @ Cake Shop, 16 September 2006

You may feel like I've already said so much about Goes Cube that I might not have anything left to say but that's not going to stop me. I mean, you're not listening to them yet are you?! (if you are, you can skip ahead to the next paragraph) Were you there with me at Cake Shop this past Saturday? No? Shame on you. I'll tell you this much: I brought with me three (three) peoples new to the Goes Cube experience and every single one of them left happy, fully rocked, and impressed by Goes Cube. And this didn't surprise me in the least. They're just one of those bands who I'd Pepsi challenge any indie-rock fan to check out because I'm fairly certain they're not going to disappoint in a live setting. If I were to write a promo line for them I'd say something like "regardless of what your specific favorite brand of indie-rock is I'll bet you find yourself having a good time at a Goes Cube show"...or..."if you're like me and you love having your tits rocked off in a live setting then look no further than Goes Cube"...or..."music lover loves loud live music, music lover loves face-melting three-piece rock, music lover loves Goes Cube".

So, Goes Cube has gone and recorded even MORE new songs since the last time I saw them. I was aware of this (the band sent me a link to one of the songs which you can hear below) and couldn't wait to hear some new stuff at the show on Saturday; heck it was one of the main reasons I set my Saturday night plans around Goes Cube's 9:00 time slot. The new songs definitely did not disappoint but it was the newest of the new that really caught my ear. The final song (was it "Goes Cube Song 37"?) they played was brand-brand new, David told us so right before they played it. He also mentioned that it's not about what we'd think it was about. I'm not so sure about that...but either way the song cut right to the core. It was blistering and perfect. Sometimes there exist songs that (for the artist) are about one thing and then can almost be about anything else that the listener would like because such basic feelings are touched upon in the mood, the energy, of the track. These are the songs that turn out to be perfect for so many different people in so many different situations. The last song of their set was just such a song. I need it. I need to listen to it with headphones on. Badly. To hear what I'm talking about I suggest you go see Goes Cube on Tuesday the 26th @ Sin-é and demand to hear "Goes Cube Song 37". Otherwise, you can check out another of their new songs below and even more on MySpace.

"Goes Cube Song 34"

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