20 July 2006

Goes Cube @ Trash Bar, 19 July 2006

I've gotten to know many musicians from NY based bands and most of them are totally nice people. Lots of times that's pointed out by bloggers (myself probably included) as if that really matters. It doesn't. (Hey, wanna go out with my friend? Is he hot? Oh uh...he's nice) The essential question is: how is their music? Well Goes Cube are definitely cool guys and all, but most importantly their music is blazing. Rip shred thrash thrash scream rock scream rock melody loud loud notmanypeoplemakesongslikethatanymore fist fuck. What the heck does all of that mean? Not sure but it just came to mind. And if Trent taught me anything it's that ending a statement with "fist fuck" is often much more effective than an exclamation point. Where was I? Or did I even begin?

Last night was a Family Business Records Party @ Trash Bar. I wanted to see the other bands but I just couldn't due to work and other obligations. However, yes like Jello, there's always room for Goes Cube. Why? It's because I'm head over heels for their enthusiasm, for their three-piece guitar/bass/drums attack, and for their songs. I love their songs to the max and to see them perform live is like diving into a large swimming pool filled with joy. Ha! No, angst. Wait. Let me say this: the new songs are just as superb live as you'd imagine and if you (correction when you) go see them live you will NOT be let down. If you ever lived on Fugazi and currently yearn for visceral, urgent, loud, music that just might blow you away in a live setting check out Goes Cube.

I went to see the show with my friend Franz and he did a sketch of Goes Cube last night. Check it out below. You can find more such drawings done by Franz of bands from BYP #1 HERE or from the EF Presents... show HERE. Also, be sure to visit his site FMP Studio.com.

One more thing, go check out one of my recent posts about Goes Cube to listen to some of their new songs or watch their recently released video.

See them live August 1st @ The Annex with Die! Die! Die!, Detachment Kit, and Aloke.