04 July 2006

EAR FARM's June '06 mixtape

Below you'll find a mix made up of songs by the bands featured on EAR FARM in the month of June. This mix is being posted a few days late, so I'm sorry about that, but perhaps the timing of it will make for a nice soundtrack to your 4th of July festivities. Clicking the song title will give you the song, the band name will take you to the band's site, and the (+) will take you to a previous EAR FARM post about that band.

1. "Goes Cube Song 27" by Goes Cube (+)
2. "Rise" by The Picture (+)
3. "Dirty Lives" by Love As Laughter (+)
4. "Dragan Stajic" by Shade (+)
5. "The Unconscious Collective (A Tale From Williamsburg)" by The Televangelist and The Architect (+)
6. "Gotta Go" by Victor Scott (+)
7. "Dream Number One" by Planes For Spaces (+)
8. "We Feel Safer At Night" by Takka Takka (+)
9. "Drop Off" by Higgins (+)
10. "Somewhere Deep In NYC" by The Unsacred Hearts (+)
11. "In The Woods" by Levy (+)
12. "Eisenstein" by Slowlands (+)
13. "Major Arcana" by The Isles (+)


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