14 July 2006

EAR FARM suggestions for tonight and tomorrow

7pm - Schooner @ R&R - Schooner is from my hometown area and they're a great band...I saw them before at Lit and enjoyed it. Hopefully some people show up tonight - early show, good start to your weekend.

9pm - The Secret Life of Sofia @ Lit Lounge - You know them from when they played the EF Presents show @ Sin-é and you know them because they're awesome. Did you also know that they're playing tonight with catchy tunesmiths The Kyle Sowashes? You better not miss this one.

12noon to 9pm - Siren Music Festival 2006...brought to us by the Village Voice and it's FREE. Check the schedule HERE.

7pm - Low Lustre @ Galapagos Art Space - Low Lustre is a super duper good band. I was hoping to present this show and DJ it and tons of fun things but there was a mix-up in dates. If you're free, DO NOT miss this band. There'll be three fun bands and live painters and other awesomeness. Check out a previous EF post about them HERE.