31 July 2006

Cansei de Ser Sexy

When Cansei de Ser Sexy recently played at Warsaw in Brooklyn I consciously decided to skip the show. I kind of figured that they were 100% hype/0% substance and that the show would be more about bloggers putting a notch in their belt that says 'I saw CSS before you did' than about good music. So, was I right? Given that I generally operate under the assumption that hyped up bullshit is indeed hyped up bullshit...did I have a right to even think that when I hadn't even listened to their album? Well, the day after their Brooklyn show I logged onto sites like Brooklyn Vegan, Heart on a stick, Yeti Don't Dance, and Music Snobbery (edit: as well as Fluxblog and Soft Communication) to find that many NYC bloggers whose opinion I trust had seen the show and loved it. Figures. The next day I went to the store, bought the album, came home and listened to it immediately, and loved it. Hey, so what? I was wrong, alright?

Now I'm here to try and keep you from making the same mistake. Sure, Cansei de Ser Sexy (Portuguese for "Tired of Being Sexy”) just played the Pitchfork Festival and has rapidly growing popularity but some of you may still be stuck in the mindset I had going on. Let it go I say, let it go.

“This Month Day 10”

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