31 July 2006

Brakes news

Still confused by the seriously lackluster response the indie music loving world gave to the nearly flawless first album by Brakes, EAR FARM carries on to report the most recent happenings from Brakesland in regards to the recording of their second LP:

Currently working on their second album, the highly anticipated follow up to last years stunning debut Give Blood; Brakes will be taking time out from recording to appear at a selection of festivals across Europe.

The as yet untitled new album is likely to be released around the turn of the year.

For the very latest news keep an eye on the Brakes website: www.brakesbrakesbrakes.com. There is a competition up on the website right now a pair of tickets can be won to one of the festivals that Brakes are playing this summer - you get to choose which one!

Brakes recently flew to the US to start the recording of their second album - this involved first renting an apartment in Vanderbilt University, surrounded by some of the most well educated and well off students in the USA. After a few 'amusing' days of shouting 'keg! keg! keg!' at each other, and naming themselves the 'Alpha Beta Ceta Deta Epsillon Fraternity', they decided that the frat house lifestyle wasn't really for them, and got down to recording their album.

With the help of Stuart Sikes (Cat Power 'The Greatest'; White Stripes 'Red Blood Cells), recording began in the studio House Of David, a converted house on Nashville's Music Row, which has recorded, amongst many others, Elvis Presley, JJ Cale and Yo La Tengo.

Going straight to tape, the band would cut a live take to get the drums sounding fresh, and then overdub any guitars, vocals or bass that needed re-doing. Brakes invited in local steel string wizard James Teel to add some texture, and the whole band got involved laying down keyboard parts. David Briggs, the studio owner and a gifted piano played who had joined the Original Muscle Shoals Band at 14, before playing in Elvis Presley's band between 1967 and 1977, heard many of the tracks, and offered to put down some piano on the new Brakes' tune 'If I Should Die Tonight'. Brakes offered $20 as payment, but David insisted 'That's only worth 50 cents' after bashing out some electrifying barrelhouse piano. It was the first time in three years that he had recorded anything, and Brakes were honoured that he came out of retirement to play with them. 'They're good songs,' he said, and Brakes felt good.

Work continues apace

22nd July - Truck Festival, Oxford
4th August - Sudouest Festival, Portugal
6th August - The Electric Garden, UK
9th August - Oya Festival, Norway
12th August - Summer Sundae, UK
18th August - Frequency Festival, Austria
26th August - TDK Festival, London
3rd September - Electric Picnic, Ireland
8th September - Bestival, Isle Of Wight
16th September - End Of the Road Festival, Dorset
The above was from a MySpace bulletin. Visit Brakes on MySpace HERE.