07 July 2006

The Sky Drops

The Sky Drops hail from Delaware and include two members - Rob Montejo and Monika Bullette. If you don't know these two by name, perhaps you should. Rob was in the '90s shoegaze band Smashing Orange and Monika found success recently recording under the name Bullette. This post, however, is about the music they make together. Lovely, shoegaze-ish, fantastic music. They'll remind you of My Bloddy Valentine and Low - they remind me of how much I love it when a band gets in touch with me offering truly excellent music that not enough people yet know about. No, EAR FARM isn't the first site to sing their praises, and it won't be the last. Get in the know while the gettin' is good so you can show off later to all of your friends and tell them "yeah well I knew of The Sky Drops way back when".

Both of the songs posted below show off their considerable skill with creating full, lush sounds...music you'd not think was being made by a two-piece band. I think I'm in love.

"Now Would Be"
"Green to Red"

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